The sun is shining




The sun is shining

Today the sun is shining bright even that outside the window I can see rain.
Love, come back to me from the darkest cloud.
Life is beautiful but you have to fight for it.
And if you will stick to the end, you will win for sure.

God won’t leave you all alone it is he who is always by your side.
So never give up and after a fall stand again and again.
Your reward will be great and you will get it at the end.

Love makes the world go round.
Love always wins, if your heart is filled with love fear no one.
There is no end to those who love, only a new beginning.

Start every day with a smile and share it with all around you.
Maybe someone needs it more than you,
And this can give them courage to fight till the end.

Love life, love God.
He is your last hope.
He won’t let you down.

Erwin M.




 Erwin Mentel



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